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Cyber Week book deal Nov. 28-Dec. 4

Order any of my novels from my eStores this week and receive 20% off your total order.  After clicking the “Add to Cart” buttons on the storefront pages, a new page opens. Put this code in the “Options and Discounts” box before clicking the “Check Out” button: (sorry, the deal has expired)

Here are my eStore web sites:

It’s my way of thanking you all for your support. Happy holidays!

Holiday Shopping?

Stay tuned for a special online shopping deal for my readers, plus news about the third book in the Maeve Kenny series!!

Good morning

Found this post from a trad musician this morning. What a great way to start a day!

Just finished your amazing book” 3/17 ” ……….spot on and Deadly !! YOU have a very special gift and the ‘Gra’ for capturing the whole savage Irish Trad.scene !!!! When is your next creation coming out? I couldn’t put “3/17” down and read it cover to cover in one fell swoop. ‘Tanks’ so much!!!!!!!

On the shelfari

I am delighted to learn that 3/17 will be one of two books featured in  the November e-newsletter.  
Are you a book lover? If so, you should join this cool online community where you can list books you’ve liked and read recommendations of others. Not unlike a wiki-format, you can add details about books that you love on the virtual book shelf. Definitely check it out!

The calendar has it all wrong…

It may say November 7, but today is 3/17! Today my third novel is officially unleashed to the reading public this afternoon at RiverRead Books in Binghamton.
     This is my third novel published in as many years. It was difficult to leave journalism—a field I loved—but something tells me I made the right decision. There are more books in the works, too. I’m writing the third book in the Maeve Kenny series now as part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). My fourth novel—The Terminal Diner, to be released next year—moves into third draft editing in January. I’m already framing the story for my sixth work, too.
     Be warned, my readers: expect more than one 3/17 on your calendar in the year ahead.