Monthly Archives: September 2010

317 on 3/17

On the morning of 9/30, I notice there have been 317 visitors to this blog.

Trailer for the novel

On the way

Ordered the printed proof this morning! It won’t be long now.


After a bit of wrasslin’ with files, the cover and manuscript were just uploaded for publication. I have to wait for an all-clear on the files, then the first printed proof will be ordered. Fingers crossed!

Sidle up to the cover

Ta-da!!! Here’s the cover to my new novel, hot off the press!
     The design is by Jocelyn Bailey; cover photo
by moi.
     I’m going to take one last look at the manuscript, upload this cover and 3/17 will be published ASAP!

Manuscript sent

On the six-months ’til St. Patrick’s Day mark, I’m thrilled to say that I’ve just uploaded the completed manuscript for publication. Now I’ve got to get the final draft of the cover, approve the completed proof and BOOYAH!*

* gratuitous reference to upcoming novel

Almost there

Printing out the layout version of 3/17 as I type this. That means print publication is about two weeks away. I’ll get to the digital versions ASAP after that.

Slow editing brings good muse

Just completed the third edit of the novel. Last evening, as I was dazed by the brutal heat that’s lingered here all week, my writing muse suggested a new way to begin this tale. Och, it’s brilliant!
     Today I start typing the editing changes into the manuscript and will labor most of the weekend to get this laid out. Hope you readers enjoy this story change. It strengthens both the Dante’s “Inferno” parody line and the main character. Off we go….