Monthly Archives: August 2010


I have created a web site for all of my writing.
It’s called Consider it a clearinghouse for all
of my works, including digital versions of my new and already
published novels. Stop by and let me know what you think.

Be designed!

Design by Jocelyn Bailey

I met with talented graphic designer Jocelyn Bailey this morning to discuss her concept for the book cover design. Love it!
     If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s the talented artist who designed the covers for my other novels.
     As soon as the design is complete, I’ll post it here. Meanwhile, here’s a sample of her past work for me.
If you are interested in having her design something for you, contact me here.


Wall o' Sparkly Headbands & Tiaras

Katie, Kara & Keera Murphy’s Nirvana!

Edit round two

Phew! Just finished editing round two. One more fine-tooth comb edit and it’s on to layout stage! Buíochas le Dia.

Coming soon…

…The latest novel by Irish American novelist Mary Pat Hyland. 3/17 is a wild journey (a la the Inferno portion of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy) exploring the hellish traditions of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in America.